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Tektronix, Agilent/Hewlett-Packard,
Fluke, Keithley,
Wavetek, Gigatronics, Marconi
We sell quality test and measurement equipment. Refurbished, calibrated and guaranteed.

Test Equipment Service and Calibration

We repair and calibrate Oscilloscopes, switched-mode power supplies, communication equipment and all other types and brands of test equipment.

Tektronix plugins
Audio Equipment Service

Custom designed test and measurement equipment
Torque measuring equipment.
Model 1700 Torque
                        Measurement system
Torque calibration fixtures. For highly accurate calibration of torque transducers.
RCD Tester Calibrator
Shiftmaster, high performance automatic transmission controller. Available for Holden, Falcon Subaru and most other transmissions. Can be custom programmed for any transmission.
Performance Shift Controller. Control and monitor auto transmission hydraulic pressure and temperature.

Digital Compass module with tilt compensation and RS232 interface.
View of digital
                        compass module
PWM Step Motor Controller. Programmable microstepping high speed motor drivers.
Model 1303
PWM Step Motor

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