Frequency Range:
0.1Hz to 111KHz in 4 ranges

Sine Output Level:
Output Ranges: 3mV, 10mV, 30mV, 100mV,  300mV,  1V, 3V,  10V RMS.
-50dB to +20dB in 10dB steps with variable control.
Output Impedance:
0 to 1V 600 ohms
3V and 10V ranges 0-1K ohm
Selectable internal 600 ohm load

Sine Output Level flatness:
-0.5dB to +0.2dB ( rel 1KHz) from 10Hz to 100KHz

Sine Output Meter accuracy:
+- 1% over the whole frequency range

Sine Distortion:
100Hz: 0.0074%
1.0KHz: 0.0072%
10KHz: 0.01%
50KHz: 0.028%
100KHz: 0.056%

Noise Floor:
Wideband: <-90dB
50Hz hum: <-87dB

Square Wave Output:
0-0.1Vp-p, 0-1Vp-p, and 0-10Vp-p into 2Kohm load.

Rise time: